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The next interview is with one of the women on WordCamp Sofia 2012 Ivelina Dimova. Enjoy!

1. Please tell us with a few words who you are and what you do?

I am a WordPress developer, besides this I love traveling, photography and yoga. I am  passionate about new technologies and I would love to share my experience with WordCamp visitors.

2. When and how you first found WordPress?

I started a blog few years ago and back then I din’t know anything about WordPress, but lately I fall in love with it – it is really amazing what kind of stuff you can do with this platform.

3. Do you remember the first site that you build with WordPress? How does it changed your work?

My very first site was my personal blog – ivdimova.com. I have made a several changes on it since I have more WordPress knowledge. I can’t remember the first site that I have developed, but I can tell that it was much easier and elegant doing it with WordPress instead some other custom systems that I’ve used before.

4. Why should business use WordPress for their sites?

Because of many reasons – it is easy to maintain, there is a really great community to help you if you have some troubles and you are not in dependence of only one developer that can support your site. Also WordPress allows you to create an user friendly projects and this makes it easier to teach the clients how to update their content.

5. What is your favorite part about WordCamp events?

Definitely the networking – so many interesting people with passion for WordPress, it is amazing experience to meet and talk to other developers, potentional WordPres users and current ones.

6.  Where do you see WordPress in the next five years?

I can’t preddict the future but I think that WordPress will become more and more powerful and more people will understand that this is no longer just blog platform – it is really powerful CMS with a huge potentional for growth.

7. Final comments?

I am very happy that I will have the chance to speak at the anual WordCamp Sofia. Hope that my talk will be interesting and usefull for a big part of the visitors and they will enjoy the event as well. Looking forward to meet you there!

Thank you, Iva for the great interview! If you have more questions for Iva, you can personally meet her on WordCamp Sofia 2012 – October 20-21.

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