How to Use WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

Plugins add functionality to your WordPress site. The WordPress plugin directory contains thousands of plugins – free and premium that serve a variety of purposes.

Plugins that speed up website loading are crucial because online visitors are always in a hurry and have endless distractions. And if your site takes time to load, you might as well bid goodbye to your prospective customer.

The Best Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

1. W3 Total Cache

The most popular WordPress caching plugin used by the websites like Smashing Magazine and Mashable. It improves overall site performance 10 times by reducing downtime and prompting faster loading of pages.

The only drawback of this plugin is that the admin panel is quite confusing. But even if you leave the settings at default, the plugin still delivers the results

2. WP Super Cache

The WP super cache boosts performance and speed particularly during traffic spikes or if your web host is unable to provide a uniform high level of internet connection.


A must have plugin if you are on a shared server and/or experience unprecedented bursts of traffic periodically.

3. Quick Cache

The Quick Cache plugin is one of the most effective and efficient caching WordPress plugins as it caches every part of your blog like link, category post etc.

The admin panel is intuitive and easy to use.

4. WP

The WP plugin is not a caching plugin as such, but speeds up your site by compressing the images upto 60%.

And before your ask, images are compressed without loss of quality. It converts your GIFs to indexed PNGs. You now don’t have to worry about the size of the images you upload on your blog.

The cache plugins that will work best for each website are different and depend on a number of factors. At Premium WordPress Support, we can help you chose the best caching plugin for your site.

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