How to Use WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

Yes you read that one right. Yes, WordPress was initially introduced solely for blogging, but has now become the platform of choice for various content management systems, including ecommerce sites.

There are a variety of WordPress themes that support your ecommerce website. “Abundance” and “Freshshop” are two premium themes that can be used, which are compatible with the latest version of WordPress (W 3+).

Abundance is a simple yet elegant ecommerce theme, with basic coding and which incorporates abundant functionalities.  Freshshop is an uncluttered WordPress theme that offers useful features for your ecommerce site like a portfolio gallery and news blogs.

After selecting a theme, it is possible to extend the functionalities of the site further by choosing specific ecommerce plugins that are available. WP e-Commerce and PHPurchase are two extremely common ecommerce WordPress plugins. The former is the most downloaded plugin and its main benefit is that it offers multiple payment option features that is an advantage for any ecommerce portal.

The PHPurchase plugin enables you to sell digital as well as physical products on your website and allows shoppers to determine the actual shipping cost through its unique UPS shipping calculator feature.

Our team specializes in selecting, developing and installing the right themes and plugins for your ecommerce website. We look forward to working with you.

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