How to Use Polls on WordPress

As we discussed on one of my previous posts it is extremely important to get your visitors’ feedback about your site/blog. Because many people do not feel comfortable commenting on your posts, you can get people’s opinion by creating and adding polls on your WordPress site. The ones that will not post a comment on your posts are more likely to just click on the polls and express themselves.

Polls are a great tool to engage your audience and keep them coming back. If you add regularly polls to your websites, your audience will get used to voting and will feel more attached to the site. Also polls can work as great inspiration for your next blog posts – you will understand better your customers’ needs, what they expect to read and how you can be beneficial for them. When you share and analyze the polls results, your website visitor feel like they are part of your website and their opinion matters.

However you need to understand how to formulate your questions and answer options correctly in order to use the polls effectively on your WordPress site. To motivate your audience to respond, you will need to know your audience and ask relevant and interesting questions. Try generating provocative questions and answers and keep questions simple and specific.

After you have analyzed what kind of information you need to get from the polls, you have to think about the tools. Adding a plugin for polls is the easiest way to give your website visitors a chance to express their opinion. Some of the most popular WordPress polls plugins recently are:

  • WP-Polls
    WP-Polls is a greatly customizable plugin and it is integrated with any WordPress site. The installation and customization of the plugin is easy because of the option to fully edit the HTML template and the CSS files.
  • PollDaddy
    PollDaddy Polls & Rating is one of the simplest tools to create and manage polls from your WordPress dashboard. It is AJAX bases platform and it creates polls in the form of JavaScript tag. PollDaddy does not give the option to customize the styles of the polls but provides a library of pre-designed themes and you need to find the most appropriate one for your WordPress theme.
  • MicroPoll
    MicroPoll is a free online polls generator. It is easy to set it up and you do not need to worry about the styles and designs because it provides a widget that can be used in widget-ready themes.

You have created your questions and you know what kind of tools to use to put them on your website. After you have received your audience’s feedback it is important to give your feedback too. Do not leave your polls without a conclusion – your visitors deserve information. You can just write a simple blog post explaining why you needed them to answer this specific question, what kind of results you have received and what is the conclusion of the received answers.

If you need any help with the polls generation on your website, we are here to help you with the appropriate plugin choice, installation and customization so that you can enjoy the most useful results.

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