How to Stop Spam in WordPress Comments

As we started running this website and blog, we started receiving many spam comments and I believe anyone having a blog or site is facing the problem

How to stop spam comments in WordPress blog?

In this post, I will try to go through some of the techniques to help you reduce the spam and gain valuable time.

The first and the easiest thing that you could do to prevent receiving spam is to go though some of the WordPress settings. However, this method requires a lot of your time to monitor the comments and choose the spam ones.

The other options that I will go thought in this article, are the plugins. There are many other methods to stop receiving spam comments on your blog. Let us first start with the basic ones and I promise another article to suggest more “spam fighting weapons.”

WordPress Setting to Prevent Spam Comments

One of the useful settings to receive less spam is to ask users to login to your blog in order to comment the posts. Bloggers argue about the pros and cons of this approach but it is worth trying it.

You may find this setting under the menu “Settings” -> “Discussions” and then you need to check the box “Users must be registered and logged to comment.”

Another easy way to keep the spam away is to hold the comments for moderation. It takes a lot of time but you are the one to make sure all the comments on the blog are approved. The setting can be found under “Settings” ->”Discussions” and you can choose your level of involvement. You can set it up to approve every single comment and you can trust the authors and approve only their fist comment. The next time they leave a feedback on your site, it will be automatically approved.

Anti-Spam Plugins

There are many anti-spam plugins out there – some of them working, others not really. I have listed below a couple of the most recommended plugins that can help you filter the spam.

1. Akismet

This is the basic spam stopping plugin, which comes bundled with every WordPress package. All you need is the API key from the Akismet website. The plugin will eliminate most of the spam comments but you still need to monitor the comments and blacklist specific words. The plugin requires occasional updates to help you win the spam war.


There are many positive and negative opinions about CAPTCHA systems. However, this plugin helps you check for human input before the comment submission. It is easy to install and all you need is just a key.

The curious thing about the reCAPTCHA systems is that when submitting the words users actually help the process of digitizing books. The Optical Character Recognition software cannot recognize some of the words of the scanned old books and those words are used for reCAPTCHA images. Therefore, every time you enter a reCAPTCHA, you are making a part of a book digital.

Many useful comment management systems are becoming extremely popular and there are also other ways to fight the spam. Stay tuned to read more about the spam fight later in this blog.

Meanwhile remember that comments are important for your website or blog and you should try to prevent your own web space from spam. If you feel lost in the spam, we are here to help you improve your blogging experience.

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