How to Replace WordPress’ Default Avatars With Wapuu

WordPress allows you to configure the default avatar that displays for commenters that don’t have one. A new plugin created by Lee Willis, called Wapuuvatar, can replace default avatars with image of Wapuu. Wapuu is the official GPL licensed mascot of the WordPress project. Throughout the year, a number of WordCamps and local communities across the world have created local versions of the character. The plugin has two settings; you can either replace the default avatar with random Wapuus or replace all Gravatar with Wapuu. Wapuuavatar is an easy way to replace boring avatar with works of art. The plugin works without issue on WordPress 4.4 beta 4 and is available for free on

Wapuuavatar uses a library of images created by Michelle Schulp, check it out here on how it looks in action on WP Tavern.


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