How to Protect your WordPress Blog

notebook and padlock showing internet or website security concept WordPress is an open source content management system that is consistently supported by strong community of over 60 millions. Due to the comprehensive support and availability of thousands of plugins as well as themes, WordPress has transformed into the best blogging tool on the planet. It is very simple to create a blog on website and transform it into almost anything you dream. This factor has made WordPress, the most sought PHP application for developing e-commerce websites. Since, WordPress is an open source application; there is always possibility of bugs and loopholes. The more older WordPress version, the more risk of being hacked because WordPress releases codec along with the updated version. There is possibility that the hackers can gain entry in your blog through the known bugs.

Hackers can damage your blog security through various options like incessant login attempts and posting malware spam comments to break into your blog. We have prepared a list of good practices that can help you

Secure Your WordPress Blog

  • Choose carefully the hosting provider – Find a hosting provider that implements security features and has secured its servers.
  • Update regularly – Always use the latest versions of  WordPress, plugins and themes.  Keep in mind also to remove your version number from the blog.
  • Use strong passwords – Ensure that you change your blog username and create unique password intermixing the lowercase letters, upperase letters, symbols and numbers. Always use different passwords on the users, database, SFTP, etc
  • Use security plugins – There is a big list of various plugins that perform different functions to secure WordPress. Some of the best ones to try are akismet, WP Security Scan and IP Ban to secure your blog from being hacked.
  • Create a backup plan – Always consider creating backup of your blog to restore your files whenever required. The backups can be done manually or you can sign up for a premium service.
  • Secure your own computer – Ensure that the software on the machines you are using to log in to your website is up-to-date and perfectly protected by proper anti-virus software.
  •  Protect the important files – The main assets that you need to secure are the wp-config.php and the .htaccess files.

It is our dream to help the clients make most of the WordPress websites and stay ahead in the WordPress marathon. If you want some more efficient WordPress practices to protect your website or blog from hackers, then feel free to come again to our website for more useful information. If you are searching for premium services for protection of your blog, then fill our contact form for quick service. At Premium WordPress Support, we are devoted to advocate the clients, the modus operandi of improving their blogging experience and performance.

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