How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog with Coupons

Certainly selling advertising space or promoting affiliate links is only one of the means that can help you earn money from your website or blog. Creating discount coupons for products and services is also a very powerful weapon of monetizing your blog.

Everyone loves discounts. So if you offer discount coupon codes on your website, you can be sure that it will be received well.

Certain WordPress themes and plugins specifically help you to transform your blog into a full fledged WP coupon site. Or you can incorporate a single page of coupons on your website or even a couple of discount coupon codes.
Really the choice is all yours and depends on what is good for your website from a marketing point of view.

The Best WordPress Coupon Theme and Plugin

1. CouponPress
CouponPress is a premium WordPress theme that has been developed specifically to support full-fledged coupon sites, enabling you to earn commissions through coupons, discount codes, printable discount vouchers etc.

The theme offers a variety of skin options to customize the coupon as per your branding requirements. The strong advantage of this theme is that you can manage the various coupon features via the web based admin area with no need for any coding knowledge. Check out the company’s impressive showcase.


2. WP Coupon Plugin
WP Coupon is a powerful plugin that allows you to transform your existing website into 100% affiliate coupon sites.

Or you can choose to add few coupons to your site as needed. The WP coupon plugin can be integrated with your existing theme. In any case, each order of this plugin comes with a free theme. Creation and management of the coupons is extremely simple and can be done through the admin panel.

At Premium WordPress Support, we can help you manage and maintain your Worearning greater revenues for youdPress coupon sites optimally so that your coupon site sees enhanced visitor engagement, .

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