How to Improve Security of Your WordPress Website in 3 Easy Ways?

The security of your website is a major concern. Each day countless WordPress websites are falling prey to hackers. Who knows, someone might be trying to hack your website at this very moment in time.

So, how do you improve security of your WordPress website?

1. Automatically Monitor Your Website with Plugins


WordPress offers a number of free and paid plugins to monitor and conduct security checks for your website. You can install the BulletProof Security Plugin that secures your website from hacking attempts, the Anti Virus Plugin to check for virus attacks or the WebsiteDefender Plugin that checks for malicious activity.

2. Keep Updating WordPress


WordPress releases updates to introduce new and improved features, fix bugs and patch security holes. Whenever new and improved version of WordPress is available, install it. Obsolete versions are more prone to attacks because of the security holes they contain.

3. Backup Your Site Periodically


In the event that your website does get hacked, you need not be at the mercy of your hackers. It is easier to recover from a hack if you regularly backup your website.

There are quite a number of free and paid WordPress backup plugins that you can install such as the free BackWPup Plugin. With this plugin, your website is periodically backed up and all you will need is a single click to restore your website to its original state.

We at Premium WordPress Support help you maintain and improve the security of your website so that you are stress-free in this account and can focus on other aspects of your website.

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