How to Choose Your WordPress Consultant

WordPress consultantsAs WordPress is one of the most user friendly content management systems, many people and companies are choosing it for their websites and blogs. Many users have great ideas and content and they do not have the necessary technical skills to get their sites up and running. This issue should not be stopping anyone from starting a site because there are many experts like us providing WordPress consulting services. These services should not be blowing your budget and still you can get the expertise to enhance your online presence.

However there are a few things to consider when

Choosing the Appropriate WordPress Consultant

to help you save time and get the most of your budget. I do not claim these points are valid for every case and they are certainly not the most fundamental issues but still this is a good start.

  1. The goals
    Choose carefully your goals. Get an idea about the entities that you need. Find some relevant examples of the functionality and design to show the consultant. Conduct a discussion with him to set the must-have features. Go thought your list and try to prioritize your aims. This will be especially helpful when your budget is limited. This way you can choose the most important tasks to get handled by a specialist.
  2. The experts
    WordPress is a powerful and complex tool ad many users just need help with out of the box installations. Evaluate carefully your skills and the time you can spend on your website. So when choosing the consultant to work on your project, find the one that best fits your weak points, the one that is an expert in the area that you will not be able to handle.
  3. The cost
    Always look for the relevant price for the services. The cost is a sensitive and tricky topic. The consultancy pricing ranges usually vary in large scale. Try to prioritize the professionalism, because sometimes the low prices of wrong people can cost you much more.
  4. The contract
    WordPress consultancy services are provided by big and small companies and freelance experts. This point depends on your personal preference. If you feel comfortable working with a freelancer, go for it. Otherwise you can find the company that best suits your needs.

Of course there are many other issues to consider depending on your project. I would suggest asking for a portfolio or some examples of relevant projects. Most of the consultants do not upload their projects on the website, because of clients’ confidentiality requests, but they will show you their work privately.

At the end – I would suggest to spend enough time to plan your online image and get a professional opinion on order to save time and money and receive great results.

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