How to Choose the Right Theme for Your WordPress Ecommerce Site

The WordPress theme is responsible for the overall look of your site. It is the first impression that your website visitor will get

And when it comes to your ecommerce websites, choosing the right theme is important to ensure a smooth and hassle free shopping experience for your customers so that they keep coming back.

The following aspects are important while choosing the theme for your ecommerce site

1. Effective Product Display
Opt for ecommerce themes that support product display in the form of lists or grids, sliders and featured listing. For instance, the Boutique theme.

The theme supports a slider at the top that you can set to pick up products from different categories. The line below displays featured products that have special offers. The theme is compatible with most of the popular ecommerce plugins and provides an intuitive ecommerce experience to customers.

2. Visible Search Box
Often customers visit the store to buy something specific. Your ecommerce theme should have a visible and prominent search box, so that shoppers can find what they are looking for easily.
Look at the Sofa Suppastore theme.

Besides the product slider and the impressive product display option, the search box is prominently visible on the home page. This theme incorporates stock inventory and order tracking features.

3. Intuitive Shopping Carts
The Emporium theme offers different modes of shopping cart for the convenience of your online shoppers.

The theme offers an ‘Add to cart‘ mode that lets customers select multiple products before heading to check out. Or you can choose the ‘Buy Now‘¬†which leads the customer directly to the payment site. There is also a ‘Digital Store‘ mode and ‘Catalog Only‘ mode, using which you can further customize your ecommerce site.

Premium WordPress Support can help you choose the right themes to maximize the potential of your ecommerce sites. We also undertake custom theme development as per your specific requirements.

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