How to Add Beautiful Email Templates in WordPress


By default, WordPress sends various different email notifications. If you run a single author WordPress blog, then you can probably do without using any email templates. Using colourful HTML templates for you emails provide a better user experience for you users so here’s the guide. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Email Templates plugin. Simply go to Appearance > Email Templates to create and modify your email templates.

Email Templates plugin uses the WordPress customizer wherein it has different sections. So, you need to click on the settings tab where you can enter you site’s name and the email address to use in the from field of outgoing messages. Next, click on the back arrow to return to template sections. Under the template tab, you can select whether you want to use full width template or the boxed layout. You can also choose a background color. Once done, click on the header section to setup the header of your email template and you can add a logo or use text. Lastly, don’t ignore the footer section of your email. By default the plugin will show your site’s name with the copyright sign. You can customize it to your design. When you are done designing your email template, you need to click on the button to store your settings. After that, click on the send test email tab to see a preview of your email template. The plugin will also send an email to the admin address in your WordPress settings.

If you want a video tutorial of this article, you can check and watch this or read the full article at Add Beautiful Email Templates in WordPress.

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