GlotPress As a WordPress Plugin

Photo Credit: GlotPress is Now Available as a WordPress Plugin

GlotPress 1.0 or Bunsen Honeydew was released a few days ago and Andrew Nacin began the work of transforming GlotPress last June 2015. The transformation comes with a first pass that switched it from using the BackPress external to a WordPress install. The development on GitHub which included 352 commits and fixes for 70 issues was led by Dominik Schilling. This version includes WP-CLI support, it’s a plugin, integrated with WordPress’ user system, easy installation and multisite support. GlotPress plugin makes it easier and simpler to use and update. The said plugin is now available for download on

For further details of the GlotPress as a plugin, check it at GlotPress is Now Available as a WordPress Plugin.

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