Get Quick Feedback On Your Articles in WordPress – Tutorial

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In this article, you will going to learn on how get quick feedback on your articles in WordPress. Feedback works by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down button in order for users to rate your site. Once they click the thumbs up button, users will see a call to action to share the article on social media. However, if they click the thumbs down button, a feedback form will appear where they can fill in their name, email and a message.

By adding quick feedback to your WordPress site, you must install and activate the Article Feedback plugin. Click here for the step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Then visit Settings > Article Feedback to configure the settings.

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You display the article feedback prompt before content, after content, or both. Uncheck the both options if you want and use shortcode [feedback_prompt] in your post to where you want to display the feedback prompt. Then, select which parts of your website will have the feedback prompt, either on homepage, pages and posts, or archive pages. On the other hand, Exclude on option will hide feedback prompt on certain posts by adding their post IDs.

The plugin will send all user feedback by providing an email address. If you leave it blank, the feedback will go to the author’s email address. Finally, click on the Save Changes button to store the plugin settings.

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