Free WordPress Webinar for Beginners!

The Premium WP Support team is working on a WordPress webinar program for beginners and we want to launch our first training for free!

Our top trainer Mario Peshev is going to cover the pros of the WordPress platform, how to work with the basic features, difference between and He is also going to reveal some interesting topics regarding the free and premium themes and plugins and best practices for a site setup.

This is a beginners class targeting people who are not well acquainted with WordPress. We want to enlighten and entertain non-techies and people using other technologies and inform them that WordPress is no longer a single blogging platform but a mature CMS system now.

Anyone who could be interested in taking part in the free webinar, please let us know via a comment below this post. We want to research the target group in order to see the top trends to be covered in the training and set an appropriate timing as well. Once again, the webinar would be completely free.

Feel free to write down where you live, would you be interested in taking part in our webinar and what do you expect to see/hear. Our current schedule plans are for 2 hours of training session and 1 hour of Q&A for specific questions from the attendees.

All the best,

Premium WP Support staff

7 Replies to “Free WordPress Webinar for Beginners!”

  1. This is to be arranged based on the availability of the attendees. I’ll arrange it for the end of April or beginning May (somewhere around that) and the timing and the day could be flexible (work week or weekend, morning, daytime or late afternoon).

  2. do you have any preferences on time, scope or something? Feel free to distribute the news to your colleagues or friends as we need to have people signed up for the free webinar in order to make it happen.

  3. Did i missed it already?
    When exactly would it be 🙂 I want to participate!

    For good time I suggest after 18:00

    till later! 😉

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