Four Basic Plugins Your WordPress Blog Cannot do Without

Plugins are software scripts that extend the functionality of your blog, while keeping the core code uncluttered. There are literally thousands of plugins available at the WordPress repository and several more being developed as I write this.

Wanting to keep your plugins to a minimum is a good idea. But the following four basic plugins are absolutely essential for any WordPress blog

  1. Askimet

This is the basic spam stopping plugin that comes bundled with every WordPress package. Install it and get assured spam protection.

  1. Subscribe to Comments

An innovative plugin that helps you develop a relationship with your readers by notifying them via email when new comments are added. This keeps their interest alive and keeps your blog “happening”, so to speak.

  1. WordPress Database Backup

A useful WordPress plugin that automatically backs up your data to a preferred email id. You can set the frequency of backup for weekly or monthly or even daily basis.

  1. Super SEO Comments

An innovative WordPress plugin that impacts your search engine ranking. What this plugin does is that it takes all the comments you have received and converts them into a dynamic webpage that is indexable by search engines. So in effect your comments are contributing to your SEO, which is brilliant concept.

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