Features of the Upcoming WordPress 4.5

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The expected release of WordPress 4.5 will be during the second week of April, 2016. In this post, we will point out to you the features coming in WordPress 4.5.

Theme Logo Support – In WordPress 4.5, you can now add thee logo support to WordPress core. Many premium WordPress themes already allow the uploading of custom logo and with the core support, it would become possible for users to do it.

Visual Editor Improvements – The visual editor in version 4.5 will have some improvements. Inline Link Editing has CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac) shortcut which allow you to insert links in posts. Press CTRL+K in WordPress 4.5 will show an inline insert link menu and then type the URL without removing your hands from keyboard. There are more shortcuts like ‘code’ for code and **bold** for bold.

Improved Moderate Comment Screen – In WordPress 4.5, you will able to see an improved screen that shows you the formatting in comment text as it would appear in the browser and a link to edit the comment.

Responsive Preview in Customizer – WordPress 4.5 will get you to see responsive previews of your site in the customizer directly. Click on the device icon at the bottom to switch the view between devices that gives you an idea of how your site would look on these devices.

Optimized Image Size Generation – With WordPress 4.5, it will optimize images further to reduce their site upto 50% without any visible quality loss.

Allow Users to Login Using Email Address – WordPress users will be able to use their email address to login since each has already an email address associated.

Each feature enumerated above has its own screenshot and if you want to view them you can check it out here.

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