Easy Tips for Elegant Websites – WordPress Slider Plugins to the Rescue

Sliders on your website make a good impression on visitors. As I promised in my previous post “The Best 3 Free WordPress Slider Plugins“, I will give you a also a list of the best premium slider plugins. They lend a touch of elegance to the overall design and represent a practical option to showcase your portfolio without taking up too much space.
And in WordPress, setting up sliders is very easy and intuitive with the help of plugins.

Let us look at the
Top 3 WordPress Slider Plugins

1. LayerSlider WP

LayerSlider is a powerful WordPress slider plugin scripted in jQuey that lets you create layers and sublayers in your slide.

You can use varied content like image or other HTML elements like Flash movies or even YouTube videos for the layers. It is possible to set global settings or customize each slide (layer and sublayer).
The WYCIWYG editor makes it a breeze to customize aspects like delay times, easing types, transition effects etc. See the LayeSlider in action here.

2. Sugar Slider
The Sugar Slider plugin lets you create amazing sliders with surprising ease because it is extremely feature rich.

You can customize each slide within the slider. For slide content, the image url can be from the WordPress media library or external source. You can also insert images directly from the WordPress media manager. This plugin enables creation of unlimited slides and that can be placed anywhere on your website. And all features can be managed through the admin area.

3. Slider PRO
One of the most powerful WordPress slider plugins, Slider PRO is coded in such a manner that there are no compatibility issues with other well coded themes and plugins.

The customization options are endless with more than 10 skins, 100+ transition effects and more than 7 scroll bar skins. All changes can be effected through the admin area that is intuitive and user-friendly.

All these 3 are premium plugins. At Premium WordPress Support, we can develop customized slider plugins for your specific requirements and help in installation and management of all your WordPress plugins.

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