Easy Digital Downloads – Version 1.0.5

Selling digitally downloadable products was never so easy with WordPress until the introduction of this ecommerce plugin Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin does not boast of fancy features and keeps its functions simple and to the point.

You can yet download the new version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository and your WordPress dashboards. The most important update is the new variable pricing system. This new option gives you the ability to set multiple price variations for a single digital product, much like you would have variations for physical products.

The variable pricing system is very simple to use, just check the box that says: “Check this to enable variable pricing”. Once checked, the variable pricing option will appear. You can add as many pricing options as you want.


Another of the major updates is the introduction of free downloads. Any download set with a price of zero, will be considered free. When a user checks out, if the total amount in their shopping cart is 0, they will bypass all payment gateways and only be asked to enter their name and email.

You can see a complete list with the changes here.


One Reply to “Easy Digital Downloads – Version 1.0.5”

  1. Hello,

    Fantastic plugin. So easy to set up and to use. It does just what it says on the tin!

    BUT please can it be made to only download the CHOSEN variable priced item NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!

    Please can this be sorted sooner rather than later as it’s giving me a headache trying to work around it.

    I’m no programmer, I just want to sell my products.

    Please if there is some code easily inserted, please publish it with instructions laymans terms.

    I’m sure I’n not the only needy user.

    I’ve just upgraded to version

    Thank you in anticipation

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