Digital Customer Experience: Why is it so crucial for enterprise?

“By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake both price and product when it comes to differentiating a brand.” (Biz Report)

Before, price and product were the only factors to consider when enticing customers. For instance, in terms of price, the cheaper the product was, the more the customers were attracted. In terms of product, customers before were forced to just compromise low standard products for the reason that communication was, in fact, very hard to provide. Only few enterprises could provide this kind of service, and competition was not so great at all. However, things have changed. Customers now do not care about the price anymore. Charge them all you want, as long as you provide them a memorable experience when interacting with your brand. They will not care about the charge as long as you give them something that is attractive, different, and effortless. Also, provide them a smooth but continuous experience with your brand. Therefore, questions like, “Are they going to buy it if this is the price?” or “Can they afford it?” are not to be considered anymore. Meet their expectations and provide what they demand: that is the new way of getting customers to choose your brand. Customers pay your price as long as they know you can provide them a good quality customer experience and engage them. To make it short, price and product are not relevant anymore, but the “experience” is what the key element you have to know.

Big companies who have been successful in their field do not only know that “experience” is the new trend, they also understand that the best customer experience investment that they can make, are the ones that focus on the digital customer experience; a modernized customer experience that meets today’s demands. Enterprises that use modern technology to fix gaps in communication offer more personal experience. In result, they see happier, trustful and loyal customers, increasing their revenue. However, there is still a problem that these enterprises face. They find it hard to identify the best plan of action to provide customers with this so-called perfect digital customer experience. Nevertheless, you should not worry yourself about this. All you need is a little knowledge and effort to make the most of your investment. So what are the things that you need to know?

Your Outline Customer Experience is Important

It has been proven that customers are less patient in their online experience. A study from Neilsen found out that if they get to wait ten seconds on every click, 50% of them would leave your site and find another, better service. According to Microsoft, if the site can only load for 250 milliseconds or less, consumers are more likely to choose you. Therefore, when customers experience inefficient services, they always blame the company or organization. Today’s technology makes customers expect good digital experience from companies, and you must able to provide that.

Be Consistent

Consistency means that you have to give consistent digital experience to your customers. If you are not consistent in your digital experience, your customers will have a poor impression of the business brand. Also, because of these inconsistencies, customers might eventually feel frustrated and might get less and less loyal to your product. You also have to remember, you get to attract more customers through having many touch points because they create customer’s first impression of your site, and the more touch points they see, the more customers will be considering in trying your product. It is like a cycle. The question then is how are you going to be consistent? The answer is you have to identify your customer’s digital interactions and devices. Your customer’s goals and motivations are very important to take note of too. You have to make research about your customers and get information that can help you in personalizing your product according to each customer’s interests and wants. In this way, you would know their preferences and would provide consistent digital experience for them.

Improved Operations can be the Results of an Improved Customer Experience

Striving to provide improved customer experience makes most companies also improve other parts of their business like online support, mobile customer experience and personalized digital experiences. Through these improved operations, companies are able to give their customers smoother and greater online interaction. One example is the Apple store. Apple made different approach with their point-of-sales unlike other companies. Customers do not wait at a register and any Apple employee can call for the purchased products and/or devices. Both the customers and Apple get the advantage of this system and both of them win. As an enterprise, you have to search for some win-win opportunities like what Apple did. In this way, you make your customers happier and your revenue bigger!

Digital Experience Platforms are also important in making investments

The best platforms that you have to choose are those that focus on the customer’s experience, marketing and commerce on smart-phones, tablets, computers or any device that customer will be using. With this information, it is very important to optimize and develop digital tools and technologies. In this way, your customers can have faster, more accurate and next-level user experience when they use your site.

One platform that can be used by your enterprise in dealing with the digital customer experiences problems is a modern CMS platform. Modern multi-channel CMS platforms in achieving faster digital customer experience, resulting to customer’s loyalty and your business’ increased profit.

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