How to Choose the Right WordPress Agency for Your Business

In partnership with our strategic partner DevriX, we’re publishing this interview walking through the key selection criteria of finding the right WordPress agency on the market for any B2B business.

WordPress is an excellent CMS for any business. Whether you want to create a brand-new website or reinvent your current one, finding the right WordPress development agency is key.

WordPress has been around for 20 years. Powering 43.1% of websites worldwide, it’s undoubtedly the most popular content management system among business communities, which is why building your website on WordPress has plenty of benefits.

However, the tough part of the whole process is picking the best WordPress agency to work with, to share your digital strategy and complete your vision.

That is why it is critical to find a WordPress development company that matches your ambition, strives for excellence, and is ready, willing, and able to take your business to the next level.

It is important that in your quest for the ideal WordPress agency, you assess their service portfolio beyond basic web development.

Additional services are critical for ensuring that your website is not only visually appealing and functionally robust but also optimized for search engines and user experience.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Development Agency: 6 Factors to Consider

  1. Check Reviews and Client Testimonials
  2. Review Their Portfolio and Quality of Work
  3. Consider Their Experience and Technical Skills
  4. Test the Communication and Project Management
  5. Understand Their Flexibility and Availability
  6. Review Their Cost vs. Value and Long-Term Maintenance

How to Choose the Best WordPress Development Agency 6 Factors to Consider

1. Check Reviews and Client Testimonials

Most, if not all, WordPress agencies have featured client testimonials and reviews on their websites. This is a great initial step when you are considering a WP agency because it can give you a good overview of the type of projects the company has finished.

On top of that, you can potentially find a previous successfully completed project/website that is quite similar to what you want to achieve. This will allow you to quickly understand if the agency can help you achieve your vision for how you want your site to look, including various functionalities, features, and integrations.

DevriX: We have a dedicated Case Study page on our website. It features a plethora of different projects we have completed, as well as, some ongoing ones. Our portfolio contains many insights on the project, like what was achieved and how, the challenges we faced, and how we solved them, quotes from our clients, and much more.

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2. Review Their Portfolio and Quality of Work

The next step is to delve deeper into the work of the WordPress development company you are reviewing. You want to get as much information as possible and get an in-depth understanding of the processes that happen behind the scenes.

You can ask questions that will help you gain information about the vision, thought-process, and approach of the company regarding web design, technical implementations, marketing strategy, and whatever else is important for you.

The answers you receive will tell you a lot about the way the agency handles their partnerships, and their work capabilities. All this info you gather will ultimately help you to give yourself a simple yes or no answer to the question: “Is this the WordPress development agency I need?”

DevriX: Our work process is transparent. We straightaway tell you the workflow we follow, what we can do for you, and so on.

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3. Consider Their Experience and Technical Skills

Strong technical skills are key for any developer, and, naturally, the technical skills that the developers of the agency have, are of utmost importance.

If your project is time-sensitive, inquire about their capacity to start immediately and their track record in meeting deadlines. Busy agencies might require advanced booking, potentially delaying the start of your project.

Ensure that the agency’s completion timeline aligns with your requirements and build in some flexibility to account for any unforeseen circumstances. This foresight can prevent delays and ensure your project progresses smoothly.

In order to check the technical expertise of their team, you can ask them questions related to WordPress and its latest innovations. For instance, you can consider asking the following questions:

  • Have you built custom themes and plugins for previous clients?
  • Have you made any contributions to the WordPress community?
  • Do you specialize in WordPress development, or is it a part of your web development services?
  • What experience do you have in creating/maintaining websites in my industry?
  • Do you work on both development and design?
  • Could you provide me with a full list of your services?

Questions to Ask Your WordPress Agency

DevriX: We are extremely involved in building the WordPress community. We have 11 WordPress core contributors, 13 WordPress community contributors, 565 custom plugins developed, 104 custom 3rd party APIs integrated, 10 SaaS platforms, and more.

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4. Test the Communication and Project Management

A crucial, non-technical-related, factor to consider when choosing a WordPress agency is how they communicate with clients, and how they handle project management.

Unfortunately, there are some agencies that appear to be unreachable, once you start working with them. So, it is important to ask how you can contact them, what are their working hours (time zone), and so on.

The way the agency handles clients’ projects is also crucial. Typically, there are two scenarios:

  1. You have a vision about how your website should look like and are looking for someone to execute your desires.
  2. You are not certain how you would want your website to look like and are open to good ideas and suggestions.

Either way, it is essential to find a WP agency that can both follow-up on your goals and provide top-notch suggestions and a business strategy, in case you need it.

DevriX: There are multiple ways you can contact us. Reach out through email, phone calls, or drop a message on our social media channels at any given time. We have a dedicated project management team (you can read an interview with one of them here) that will lead the communication throughout the project.

What is more, we are open to both carrying through and following up on your requests, as well as, offering business advice, proposing marketing strategies, reviewing your branding, UX, SEO, and much more. Check out all our services.

5. Understand Their Flexibility and Availability

A good WordPress agency usually handles numerous projects at the same time. It can get difficult to ensure that all these websites are scalable, flexible, and working fine all the time.

This is another essential factor you need to consider because you might have chosen a great web development company that simply does not have the time and resources to keep all their projects running and guarantee their uptime.

And, as you might know, a business could lose a lot of income and customers by being unavailable just for an hour.
Also, you might start off as a small website, but eventually, you can grow and therefore require more advanced problem-solving, maintenance, and a scalable, long-term solution.

There is no point in working with an agency that does not seem capable of delivering all the above.

DevriX: In the words of our WordPress technical support: “I always put extra efforts into monitoring the statuses of websites, especially since we insist on keeping all our websites online 24/7.”

We also take pride in the words of one of our long-term partners that said: “…and we sleep better at night knowing that you are monitoring and watching. If something breaks, we don’t have to tell you, usually you tell us that it broke, and that you have a fix for it.”

On top of keeping all our websites online 24/7, we strive to deliver flexible, stable and scalable solutions for all types of business, including eCommerce, publishers, nonprofits, etc.

6. Review Their Cost vs. Value and Long-Term Maintenance

Money always matters. What matters even more is that you get great value for your money. After all, some web development companies might offer a lower cost compared to others, however, will that lower cost turn out to cost more in the long run?

While budget constraints are important, focusing solely on cost can be misleading. Evaluate the potential long-term benefits each agency offers. A slightly higher-priced agency might provide better overall value in terms of quality, support, and efficiency.

This value-driven approach ensures that your investment yields the best results for your business, not just in terms of website development but also in long-term digital strategy and growth

Furthermore, it’s good for you to establish if the agency covers the long-term maintenance of your website, or if it’s just a matter of building it, and then – you’re on your own.

DevriX: We are completely transparent on what is included in the cost of your website. Our custom website development plans are based on the retainers model, a term we invented. We offer server and website maintenance, so we always make sure that your site is up and running while improving its performance.

Final Thoughts

It’s not an easy task to find the best WordPress agency for your business. There are multiple factors you need to consider, including their technical expertise, availability, ability to scale your project, communication and project management, total cost vs. value, and ongoing maintenance.

Luckily, we have you covered. At DevriX, we excel at creating sustainable, long-term partnerships that help the businesses of your clients grow.

We achieve this through a combination of technical work, business consultancy, digital marketing strategy, website design, project management, and whatever else is necessary.

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