Attract & Retain Customers By Improving Your Business Blog


Blogging is an incredible approach to build relationship and communicate with your target customers as well as reaching new ones.  In this article, let’s figure out how Phoebe Clare, who blogs at Sage and Clare, uses her blog to share inspiration for her marketplace and at the same time, producing visits to the Sage and Clare eCommerce website.

Write meaningful content

Pick topics that offer value or entertainment to your reader notwithstanding of your industry engage with. Share how-tos, industry insights and thoughtful posts. Don’t belittle the significance of writing an alluring post title that will attract in your reader. Your post title on Facebook and Twitter is up front, so it’s worth refining.

Optimize your blog post

By tagging your blog post, including descriptive and on-topic tags, will help new readers find your blog. On Phoebe Clare case, she uses categories and a handful tags to classify her posts and guide readers to find Sage and Clare’s content. You must be selective when you choose tags and categories to posts.

Promote your posts has built-in features for easy sharing just like Publicize. Sage and Clare use Publicize to connect their blog to their social media accounts. When you click publish, your post will be share automatically through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever accounts you have connected. You can also add Sharing buttons to the end of your posts in order for readers to share a link to your post on their social networks, blog, or email.

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