Are you a Musician? The 3 Best WordPress Themes for your Website

Music is an art and far removed from this material world, no doubt. But still, musicians have to eat, right? And to that extent you need a platform to promote your music/band.

Nothing could be worse than having a theme for your music website that is thoroughly lacking in soul or which is coldly corporate and does not accommodate the specific quirks and eccentricities (read features and requirements) of musicians and music bands.

Here are 3 themes you must consider for your music related website.

1. Bandzone

The Bandzone theme, created by musicians has provisions for highlighting the various aspects of your band such as events and tours, albums, photo gallery and a blog. The background slider takes the style quotient of the website several notches higher.


Everything in the theme is in-built. Just use the admin to create the look that you want and upload your own logo, images, photographs, etc for customization.

2. Nocturnal

This is a specific audio theme suited both for night clubs and bands. The Nocturnal theme exhibits two sliders on the home page.


Each image on the primary slider can be associated with any number of songs connected with the post. And the controls for the audio (for playing the song) are present on the second slider.

3. Harmony

A theme geared specifically towards bands, Harmony lets you easily upload photos, share news with fans, sell merchandise, and embed songs that can be played on the website. All this can be managed via the simple user interface, with no need for complex coding knowledge. A pure bliss!


Premium WordPress Support recommends:
Let these themes take care of the business of music, while you concentrate on the art of music.

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