All you wanted to know about Premium WordPress Theme – Switchblade

Switchblade WordPress Theme previewThe Switchblade is one of the most recent WordPress themes available. It offers a number of features and is ideal for use in a business, portfolio or personal website.

We thought we would give you a bit of information on this new theme.

The theme development allows you to choose between 170 fonts for 13 new elements and has three sliders. Moreover, the background and color options on this theme are unlimited giving your greater scope for personalizing your website. You even have the option to upload your own background image. The Switchblade is compatible across browsers.

When it comes to content, Switchblade scores considerably, offering 7 modules for content composer V2, including blank module, services module, portfolio module and others.

So if you are looking for a theme that offers flexibility in the way you can present content and which can be personalized effectively, Switchblade is the one for you.

Our professional and experienced team will install this WordPress theme for you and you can contact us for any further support and assistance in the course of using Switchblade.

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