Add Better Custom Notifications in WordPress – Tutorial

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First thing you must do is to install and activate the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin. During the activation, the plugin will add a new ‘Notifications’ tab in your WordPress admin sidebar. In order to add a notification, you need to visit Notifications > Add New. You must provide a title for the notification and choose the vent when this notification will be sent from the Notification for drop down menu. On the next section, you will be required to choose email formatting, add additional email fields and select which user role will receive the notification email. The plugin supports custom roles which user roles will appear here. You can choose to send the notification to the main user by using the respective checkbox.

Now this is the actual notification email part:

In the first place, you need to provide a subject line for your notification email and then enter the message body. Your message must be descriptive and contains links. The plugin accepts a number of shortcodes, so you can use those tags inside your notification message to display post permalinks, usernames, comment id, comment links, user names, etc. If done click on the Send Me a Test Email button. For more additional information that was not mentioned above, kindly check out at How to Add Better Custom Notifications in WordPress.


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