A Recap of WordCamp Pune, India, by Topher DeRosia

This post was contributed by Topher DeRosia. Topher has contributed to a number of plugins, spoken at many WordCamp, and is the lead of documentation for Easy Digital Downloads. He also operates HeroPress.com on the side.


Except for the food and language, this WordCamp didn’t feel all that foreign to me. I suspect it’s because WordCamp have a solid template for sessions, scheduling, etc. I enjoyed that, it enabled me to really take part in the event without having to stand to the side wondering what was going on. The organizers seemed to be on the ball and did a great job sharing the responsibilities, which I think is vital with a camp this size. The people were engaged, took full advantage of the options available to them, and that is what made it a successful WordCamp in my opinion.

To read the whole experience of Topher DeRosia during the WordCamp in Pune, India, you can visit this.

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