7 Best Practices for WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugin development

WordPress has become one of the leading and preferred content management system (CMS) in the world. The availability of various plugins on different niches on WordPress has provided an effective blogging and website platform for many online users. Plugins are usually developed to get rid of technical glitches and bugs. Due to the vast development and stable updated versions of WordPress every now and then, the requirement of essential plugins is increasing at great pace. This created a lot of space for the WordPress plugin developers to show their skills and talent. Premium WordPress Support provides you some of the suggestions to be kept in mind while developing plugins for WordPress.

  • Generally professional developers enable WP_DEBUG to debug the codes and view error messages. Saving time is the main benefit of this code debugging in developing the plugins.
  • Using already available framework will help you save time instead of creating and writing codes from scratch.
  • Think globally when coding the plugins because there will be potentially a need of your plugin in different languages than only English.
  • Utilizing community tools and templates will add fuel to your development speed rather than creating from very beginning.
  • Promote your plugin on various WordPress forums and blogs and release the plugin only after completion.
  • Always be perfect and confident of whatever plugin you develop to cater the future requirement of the clients regarding to your plugin.
  • Make sure that you update the plugin as soon as the WordPress releases its updated version so that’s it can run smoothly on the new version and does not cause any problem to your clients.

If you keep these simple but effective suggestions in your mind while creating your plugin, then surely you will get fame and reputation in short period of time. These practices will make you topmost and expert developer in the WordPress industry.


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