5 Tips for Creating Exceptional Product Pages

Let’s assume you want to start an ecommerce website, and you intend to sell a lot of products, well you’ll need exceptional product pages. Shoppers can be a tough nut to crack when you cannot interact with them. Your page, your photos and your website are the primary negotiators in this deal. In other words, you need to give some thought before you design your product pages, and pay attention to all of the small details to truly tap into its prolific potential. Here are some tips that will help you create an incredible product page for your ecommerce website.

Professional photos


As mentioned, your photos are one of the key players in these transactions, so it’s only reasonable to make them as attractive as possible. You need to have photos of the same product taken from different angles. It would also be ideal to use high definition camera, in order for your pictures to be more alluring and for you to appear more professional. In the event that you do not have a high quality camera at your disposal, you can use Photoshop or any other tool with filters to boost the quality of your pictures. Also remember to use blue or black background, so that the primary focus is on your product.

Clear call to action

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. As you can see on other e-commerce website the shopping system is quite intuitive. There is a button for “add to cart” and there is a button for “proceed to checkout”; it’s clear and it’s simple, so just make it the same. It’s essential that these are buttons because shoppers are already used to this kind of shopping style and if you try to be creative you might just end up confusing them.

Lose the clutter


You know how a lot of shopping websites offer similar products to the one you are viewing, so there are banners all over the page? It would be for the best to avoid this arrangement. A page that displays your product should be banner free, or if you insist on adding other products to the page add only a few of them. It’s alright to display products that are on discount or have some sort of special offer, or that just appeared in your store, but make sure these are related to the product on page. These additional ads are distracting and annoying, and if a shopper is already interested in one product, there is no need to be too pushy and obnoxious.

Product descriptions


Your products need to have description for more than one reason. First it’s useful for customers to know the materials that were used during manufacturing process. It is also useful for using keywords and keyword phrases that can allow people to find the product easier. It is advisable that you also fill in the meta description bar with all the relevant words for the product in question, again in order for your product to be more visible. Description should also include some tips on how a product can be used in practice and a bit persuasive to compel the viewer to buy it.

Visible reviews

Lastly, you need to have visible product reviews, since they can also play a crucial role in someone’s purchasing decision. Another good reason to put reviews on display is to show the shoppers that you are honest and appreciate their opinion, even if it is not what you want to hear. In fact, if all reviews are positive you might seem fishy, so all things considered you will look more legit if the reviews are visible. The third reason to do so is because everybody else does it, and there is no reason to be any different in this department.

Hopefully, this will help you design your page product properly and make more money by selling them. It’s not a matter that you should overlook or take lightly; it is an important issue, so do not rush it.

This is a guest article, contributed by Marco Mijatovic

Marco is a professional writer and blogger. He will help you understand the power and reach social media for your blog or website. You can find him on First Site Guide and tweet the First Site Guide team @firstsiteguide.

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