5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress


Showing users’ related content has proven to be an effective way of getting more pageview, so here are some of the best related posts plugins for WordPress.


  1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of the most popular WordPress related posts plugin having more than 3.4 million downloads which supports both thumbnail and text display of related posts. Yet YARPP is not compatible with WPML plugin.
  2. Contextual Related Posts is another WordPress plugin to display related posts wherein it tries to improve relevancy by contextually matching posts and display related posts as thumbnails and text. It has 5 amazing features such as fast and easy to use, feature rich, highly customisable, extendable, and beautiful. Also, just like YARPP, this plugin does not scale well on larger sites.
  3. Related Posts for WordPress is a lightweight alternate to more popular related posts plugins that performs all the resource intensive tasks in the admin area and uses cache to display related posts.
  4. Yuzo Related Posts is another good free related posts plugin having a comprehensive set of features that you can expect from a related posts plugin.
  5. Inline Related Posts is different than other plugins in the list. Instead of showing related posts below content, this plugin shows them inside your articles wherein it is quite popular on news and blog sites.

These 5 related posts plugins have their specific pros and cons; you can visit at 5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress to check them and a video tutorial available at 5 Best Related Posts Plugins.


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