5 Amazing jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are software scripts that add functionality to WordPress.

jQuery is a coding framework that has branched out from JavaScript library and is used in code development. The advantage of jQuery is that it achieves maximum effects with minimal coding as compared to JavaScript.
Some common jQuery effects include drag and drop elements, slideshows, animation etc.

Here are

5 Amazing jQuery Plugins for WordPress

1. Snazzy Archives

No more dull archive pages. Snazzy Archives scripted in jQuery allows selection of different layouts and special effects to display your post archives in a unique way.



The plugin can pull out comments, pictures, and YouTube videos from your posts and display them with special effects.

2. WP Image Fit

With the WP Image Fit plugin, you no longer have to rely on HTML or CSS to set images to proportion. This plugin uses jQuery to automatically resize images to fit the column width.

3. jQuery Comment Preview

This plugin uses a simple HTML editor to enable live preview of comments without the need for page rebooting, thus saving time.

The comment preview can be customized with CSS to display as much or as little information as you want.

4. My Page Order

My Page Order Plugin uses jQuery to set the order of the pages by simply dragging and dropping them in place. And if you have tried, you know how clumsy the default process for setting page orders can be, especially if there are many pages.

5. GD Star Rating Plugin

With this jQuery plugin, you can set up a star rating system for your posts, comments and any other content on your blog.


It is a good way to engage your readers and connect with them. The plugin has customizable options for displaying the ratings.

Premium WordPress Support can consult with you to determine the best plugins that will add maximum functionality to your WordPress powered site.

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