4 WordPress Sharing Plugins to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Getting your posts shared on social media is the fastest way to achieve popularity online and attract new customers. Placing the options ‘to share’ prominently on your website is important, so that visitors can easily share your post if they want to.

According to a research conducted, sites with improved sharing options have 7 times more chances of getting shared on social media sites.


Find below the top 4 WordPress sharing plugins.

1. Digg Digg
Digg Digg is one of the most popular and has updated sharing plugins in the WP directory.

Simply add the single column containing all the sharing options on the left side (like Mashable) or below or above your posts. The most updated version the plugin features pinterest and newer social media sites.

2. Slick Social Share Buttons
This plugin lets you display the social share buttons as a floating or sliding panel.



(a)                                                                                                 (b)                                                                         (c)

(a) Vertical sliding panel
(b) Horizontal sliding panel
(c) Vertical floating panel

You can adjust the setting to drop down the buttons when the big ‘share’ button is clicked, allowing space saving on your website.
You can access your social statistics summary easily via the admin panel. (See figure below)

3. Socialize

Socialize is not a floating bar. This plugin lets you place the most appropriate social sharing buttons in two locations – within the post and in a ‘call to action’ box below the post.

Choosing the relevant social bookmarks for each of the sections increases chances of shares, comments etc as it follows a logical continuation to the content. Socialize lets you create the social bookmarks from the admin panel.

4. Share This

A very popular sharing plugin, Share This lets you display the appropriate share buttons/icons singly or in a series. You can use widgets that display the number of shares and retweets.


The USPs of this plugin are its strong reporting tools and analytics that tell how exactly how your posts have been shared.

Now you know why I am using these buttons below. Get ready and share around my thoughts!

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