4 Social Commerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

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In this article, you are going to know the four latest social commerce trends in 2016 in order for you to keep updated on what’s up today and what’s coming tomorrow and will help you take new opportunities.

  1. Increased reliance on videos

Brands are expected to use social media videos on a greater scale. Just like last year, there was a shoppable ad for YouTube, which allows users to buy products appeared in pre-roll advertisements when they’re about to watch a video.

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  1. Instagram thrives as a social commerce platform

Last year, the Instagram advertising competition heated up and continues its growth for 2016. Today, Instagram has 4 call-to-action buttons; sign up, shop now, install now and learn more.  These buttons take consumers to a brand’s app, website or landing page that provides an email subscription opportunity.

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  1. Brands embrace messaging apps

Selling products and services with the use of messaging apps is one of the social commerce trends that will hit in 2016. WeChat already allows verified sellers to create shops with the use of the app. However, Facebook wants to allow users to do any transaction via mobile or online with the use of Messenger app. Ordering an Uber and advertising have the possibility to arrive on Messenger.

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  1. Reviews and ratings impact social commerce revenue

Reviews and ratings serve as a social proof and social validation, which have a significant impact on conversions. Brands that incorporate reviews and ratings in their social media ads and/or videos may get greater conversions. The prominent example for this is the in-app ratings and reviews.

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