4 Known Ways to Achieve Better WordPress Security

Photo Credit: 4 Little Known Ways to Achieve Better WordPress Security

There are known methods of enhancing your WordPress, as maintaining both of the security vs. usability equation.

  1. Strengthen WordPress Security by Limiting Access

The iThemes Security plugin offers the ability to close your WordPress Admin section and set it inaccessible during set times. From the Settings page, visit the Away Mode section to activate.

  1. WordPress Security Doesn’t Require You to Reinvent the Wheel

iThemes Security allows you to eliminate this list of “bad actors” from accessing your WordPress website. From the Settings page, visit the Banned Users section and click Enable HackRepair.com’s blacklist feature.

  1. Eliminate Any User or Bot Attempting to Do Your Website Harm

Visit the Settings page in the iThemes Security plugin. Visit the Brute Force Protection section and click Enable Brute Force protection. Check the box to activate Immediately ban a host that attempts to login using the “admin” username.

  1. Close New Security Holes in WordPress

iThemes Security provides a very simple for those WordPress site owners. From the Settings page, visit the WordPress Tweaks section. In the Multiple Authentication Attempts per XML-RPC Request section, select Block (recommended).

In a way of enabling these known WordPress security tips, you can take another step towards protecting your WordPress website. Make sure you subscribe iThemes for further security tips.

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