20 Signs You Live and Breathe WordPress

  1. Your casual dress code is a WordPress T-shirt with “something else”.
  2. There is no place for another WordPress sticker on your notebook, but you always figure this out.
  3. San Francisco means “THE WordCamp” and that other bridge, too.
  4. You get a headache every time you see “WordPress” with a small “P”.
  5. You are screaming capital_P_dangit and _doing_it_wrong to those pesty writers.
  6. Your favorite day of the month is when you attend the local meetup.
  7. When your friends validate their venture idea chatting with you over Skype, you build a prototype for them in a few minutes.
  8. Your wallpaper could be found here.
  9. Your international culture is built thanks to your WordPress folks around the globe.
  10. Your yearly travels are planned according to the WordCamp Central schedule.
  11. Your history and geography skills suck, but you can quote version numbers, dates and cities where and when cool WordPress stuff happened.
  12. You spend unreasonable amount of your spare time doing things for free and helping other people.
  13. Your favorite TV show is actually WordPress.tv.
  14. You have no idea what the rest of the world does for a living if WordPress powers 20% of the Web.
  15. You plan to learn a foreign language and give a talk in that language at a WordCamp or meetup.
  16. The only regular news feed you follow daily are the top WordPress news websites.
  17. You quote community people all the time, whether it was read in a blog or overheard during a session.
  18. Office work seems odd to you, how come all the cool kids work remotely?
  19. You know what “State of the Word” means and your New Year resolution happens after the annual review.
  20. Your best friends are WordPress addicts too!

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