10 Golden Tips to Boost Your WordPress Loading Speed

We live in a dynamic environment. Everybody is in a hurry, we get nervous spending too much time doing one task, we do not read but scan. Keep in mind that your website visitors live in the same fast paced world and they will not have the patience to wait for your website to load properly.

Fortunately, there are  some simple rules and techniques that can improve your website performance and increase your visitors’ satisfaction. You may find below Premium WordPress Support’s suggestions  on

How to Boost Your WordPress Loading Speed

  1. Upgrade software regularly

    Developers strive to create better and faster versions of their software. So it is important to upgrade WordPress software, themes and plugins as soon as possible on the latest release version.

  2. Limit the plugins

    Plugins enhance the functionality of your website but keep in mind that overcrowding will result in poor performance of your website. When choosing the plugins for your website functionality consider their JavaScript features and ask yourself whether you really need this functionality. Do not crowd your theme with avalanche plugins –  our suggestion is to garner not more than 10 plugins. You could also get a consultation with a specialist to suggest your plugins range.

  3. Find the right theme

    Sometimes, themes also decrease the loading speed, so check the compatibility and user performance of the theme while choosing it. Try finding something simple and elegant. A good piece of advice is to check your website themes for tables, frames and static HTML – they will be slower that the CSS bases design.

  4. Add effective caching plugin

    W3 Total Cache is an awesome plugin, every WordPress user should have. It will simply increase the page loading speed and site performance. The returning visitors and the people that visit more than one page will notice the difference.

  5. Optimize the images

    Images catch readers’ attention and they play a crucial role in loading your website. You can improve your website loading speed by resizing the images in the appropriate format before uploading them. If the image size is large, make it smaller to improve your page loading speed.

  6. Choose the right hosting provider

    WordPress is really simple website system and it is not picky, but still before starting the website, it is a good idea to evaluate how much storage you will need. Think also about the bandwidth and the processor speed, the customer service and the pricing offered by the hosting company.

  7. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

    CDN is a large system of servers, deployed in multiple data centers, used to serve content to the end users with high speed and performance. To explain briefly, the CDN would allow visitors to download static files as fast as possible.  You could try MaxCDN, Windows Azure CDN, Amazon CloudFront, etc. to accelerate the user performance of the website

  8. Optimize home page

    Reduce the posts on your home page to only 4-6 and try to show only excerpts instead of full posts. Those settings can be found in the WordPress Dashboard – > Settings – > Reading Panel

  9. Take care of the database

    Optimizing the database is good for the website speed and security. You need to backup, repair and optimize the database. Some of the useful plugins for this feature are WP – DB Manager plugin and WP – Optimize plugin to successfully optimize the database and schedule the next dates.

  10. Validate the code

    Use the W3C Validator to check your website code and try to fix the errors. This is a long and painful process but it can help improve your users experience on the website.

If you are still constantly facing slow loading problems regarding your WordPress website, try to check whether any 3rd party content is causing difficulties while loading the site. Occasionally, ads also cause loading problems, so you can upgrade the “No Ads” feature, which will eliminate all the ads from your website. then hire us.

You can understand the actual reasons behind your problems by checking on Google page speed site or using firebug, which will explain the causes of the problem. We, at Premium WordPress Support make sure that your site loads as fast as possible.


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