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    If you are making any kind of customizations to Shell-Lite Theme, please make sure not to edit any codes directly in Shell-Lite theme files, because anything you do will be lost when you updated the theme.

    The updates are not required, but they are highly recommended. Updates could include important bug fixes or even new features.

    Making your own Child Theme is extremely simple. Follow the steps:
    1) In your _WP_installation_folder/wp-content/themes/ directory create a folder and call it i.e. “shell-child-theme”.
    2) Now create a file called style.css and save it in your newly created “Shell Child Theme” folder.
    3. Open your style.css and paste in the code listed below.
    4) Upload your Child Theme folder and start making your customizations.

    Theme Name: shell-child-theme
    Theme URI: http: //
    Description: Child theme for the Shell-Lite theme
    Author: Your name goes here
    Author URI: http: //
    Template: shell-lite

    @import url("../shell-lite/style.css");

    If you don’t have an access to your FTP server, all of the above can be made in your favorite text editor. Once you are done zip that folder and save it on any location on your computer.
    Go to your Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes and select “Install Themes” tab. Upload, activate and that is all.

    With your Child Theme you are able to do so much more, actually pretty much anything you please. Child Theme will still use all Shell-Lite features and you will be able to do your custom works freely.

    You can also download fully working Child Theme and save some time.
    Shell Lite Child Theme *Last update: 24.05.2013

    Child Themes resources.

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