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    Shell Lite supports only one Landing page. So if you want to create different Landing page, you can achieve it using comfortable option WordPress – Page Templates.

    Before starting, please make sure that you are using child theme.

    Copy the front-page.php from shell-lite folder and name it “your-landing-page.php“. Start to editing the content of your-landing-page.php and replace it with yours. Now put your-landing-page.php in your child theme folder (make sure that you have set Template Name of your new file). Go to your Page editor and choose your new template from Page Attributes. See image below.


    For your convenience, we created a sample file with demo content, which you can easily edit and to use for your different landing page. Download Shell Lite landing-page.

    Extract zip file, make your changes and upload php file in your child theme folder.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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